Your baby 0-1 year

The face wash

Nose, eyes, ears, nails ... what are the good things to clean your baby's pretty face? Discover him in pictures with Tung Ahn and his little Noémie, 2 months, and Valérie, mother of Gabrielle, 8 months.

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Tips + for perfect hygiene

• Care of the cold nose. In case of cold, the congestion of the nose of your baby prevents it from breathing well, but also to feed. Then remove the nose before each meal with a baby-fly or by directly injecting a little saline into one's nostrils.

Shared hygiene. It would be a shame to pass germs to your baby. Be sure to wash your hands before starting, brushing your nails thoroughly.

Disposable. Change compresses or cotton to clean each eye, nostril and ear. Otherwise, you could circulate a possible seed. Saline pipettes are for single use only. You can use it for all the wicks needed for the toilet, but use a sterile pipette every day, and discard it after use even if it is not fully used.

Elisabeth Tzimakas

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