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The antibobos kit of holidays

The antibobos kit of holidays

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Even during the holidays, no respite for small sores! Before packing your bags, complete the family medicine kit. The list of essentials to leave with peace of mind.

  • 1. Rehydration solution sachets for diarrhea.
  • 2. An arnica gel to apply immediately after a stroke to prevent bumps (in single doses, keep one in your bag).
  • 3. Waterproof dressings of different sizes for wounds.
  • 4. An antiseptic spray easy to apply wounds, which disinfects without stinging.
  • 5. Eye wash pods to calm irritated eyes or remove sand and dust.
  • 6. Ear spray for ear hygiene and prevention of corks.
  • 7. Adhesive suture strips in the event of a cut.
  • 8. Hydro-alcoholic gel to disinfect hands before treating a wound.
  • 9. An antinauséeux against the motion sickness: practical and effective, the homeopathic version in granules to let melt under the tongue.
  • 10. A nasal spray to clean the nose.
  • 11. An insect repellent.
  • 12. A soothing lotion to relieve insect or plant stings. In roll-on, it will be easier to apply.
  • 13. A pair of scissors.

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