Name Filipe - Meaning and origin

Name Filipe - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Filipe is a derivative of the Greek name Philippos. It means "the one who loves horses".


Filipe Luís Kasmirski and Filipe Augusto Carvalho Souza, Brazilian footballers, Filipe Manuel Esteves Ramos, former Portuguese footballer, Filipe Nyusi, Mozambican politician elected President of the Republic of Mozambique in January 2015, Filipe Albuquerque, driver of Portuguese origin.
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The Filipe are celebrated at the same time as Saint Philippe. He was one of the first apostles of Jesus, and also at the origin of the miracle of the multiplied loaves. It is also to him that we owe the evangelization of Romania. He died as a martyr in the year 80.

His character :

Filipe is a charismatic boy who takes precedence over others thanks to his strong personality. Energetic, dynamic and courageous, he is also passionate. In its sweet and pleasant appearance is actually a person who is sure of herself and able to impose her opinions gently or through cunning. Work does not repel him, and he is willing to invest in many projects. His only problem is that he wants to do so much that he can not find the time to do it all. Despite this, Filipe gives himself thoroughly and the difficulties and problems do not scare him. On the contrary, they stimulate him greatly.


Felip, Felipe, Filipo, Filippo, Lypo, Phil, Philip, Philipe, Philipos, Philipp, Philip and Philips.

His party :

The Filipe are celebrated on May 3rd.

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