Name Fleury - Meaning of origin

Name Fleury - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

Male variant of Fleur, the name Fleury comes from the Latin "flos" translating as "flower".


Fleury Di Nallo is a former French footballer. He is one of the iconic players of Olympique Lyonnais.
Fleury François Richard was a painter of the School of Lyon. He is also one of the precursors of the troubadour style, a style of historical painting borrowing the characteristics of Dutch painting.
Fleury Montagny is a medalist, carver and engraver of French origin.
Fleury Mesplet, a printer from Quebec, is the founder of Montreal's first newspaper, The Business and Literary Gazette.
Fleury Joseph Crépin is a painter of French origin specialized in the art brut.

His character :

Of a secret and silent nature, Fleury is actually a strong and charitable being. Direct and open-minded, he has an insatiable need to express himself. Of a curious nature, he is always thirsty for knowledge. At the same time, he likes to share his emotions and new discoveries. With a fighting spirit, he does not hesitate to take on the wildest challenges. Fleury is a man of action who attacks in front, but without rushing.
Discreet and modest, he prefers to stay in the shadows. This humble and majestic man never tries to please, he is content to remain anonymous. Its mysterious nature contributes to its charm. Demanding and possessive, Fleury is a real man of power. He has a real team spirit. He also has a compassionate and conciliatory side pushing him to hate selfishness.


Floral, Flora, Flory, Fleureau, Flour and Floury.

His party :

The festival dedicated to Fleury is scheduled for October 5.

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