Name Fouzia - Meaning and origin

Name Fouzia - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Etymologically, the name "Fouzia" translates as "victorious" or "who will be successful" or sometimes "star".


The actresses Fouzia Mushtaq and Fouzia Lyamini.

Fouzia Saeed, a graduate and expert in social science, author and activist of Pakistani origin, concerned primarily with the promotion of gender as well as the preservation of national cultural heritage.

The model of international fame and of Pakistani origin Fouzia Aman.

His character :

Driven by her unusual strength of character, Fouzia is made to order and is particularly effective in a position of responsibility. In addition, she is active, voluntary, courageous and shows great initiative. This ambitious woman likes to attract attention and impress others. As a result, she can also build a brilliant career in performing arts such as theater, song or dance. An original person, proud and somewhat haughty, Fouzia abhors mediocrity and secondary roles. Her pride also leads her to live badly failures. In difficult times or when certain events come to thwart her plans, she becomes nervous, impatient, angry and bitter.
Attracted by the outward signs of wealth, Fouzia generally knows how to seize the opportunities to realize her dreams of greatness. However, his lack of flexibility as well as his impatient side often leads him to conflict with others, reducing his chances of success. To enable her to achieve results that match her expectations, the parents of little Fouzia will have to help her manage her explosive temperament. Insolent, possessive and susceptible, this tyrannical girl must also learn sharing, patience and tolerance. If she is reluctant, show her personal interest in respect for others and teamwork will be necessary.


Fauzia, Fuzia and Fousia.

His party :

No day in particular is devoted to Fouzia.

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