Immunization will begin in early December in primary

Immunization will begin in early December in primary

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Initially announced from 25 November, the vaccination of 6.6 million primary and kindergarten students will start in early December. (News of 25/11/09)

As the vaccination of middle and high school students against influenza A begins today, the students of primary and kindergarten will finally be invited to do so, with the agreement of their parents, from the beginning of December.

How will it happen?

  • The government has found it preferable that elementary students (maternal and elementary) are accompanied by one of their parents to be vaccinated. This is why vaccination will take place in the vaccination centers, after the health insurance has sent a vaccination certificate to the parents. College and high school students will vaccinate themselves within their school.
  • On the spot, parents will present this voucher and complete a questionnaire regarding their child's medical history.

Can we choose the vaccine for his child?

  • Vaccines without adjuvant (product contained in a vaccine that boosts immunity and promotes the production of antibodies) are currently reserved for pregnant women, starting in the second trimester of pregnancy, and for children aged 6 to 23 months, primary school pupils and maternal will be vaccinated with the adjuvant formula.

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