To wash ecologically, it is possible!

To wash ecologically, it is possible!

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Machine model, hours of use, temperature, choice of laundry ... all our tips to make your washing machine more economical and more environmentally friendly.

Which machine to buy?

  • Choose a energy class A machinewhich consumes up to three times less energy. In addition, she is silent, squeezes better. While it is more expensive to buy but depreciation is done over two to three years.
  • Prefer a model of large capacity, with a powerful spin (1000 rpm minimum).
  • Some washing machines are equipped with the function "deferred program" and can delay the launch of the machine until 12 hours later. Convenient to launch his machine in economic hours and even in case of absence.

And the laundry?

  • Prefer them ecological detergents or washing nuts, 100% natural.
  • Not bad the ecological washing ball. It is composed only of natural ceramics in a nontoxic plastic sphere. Economical (more use of detergents), it also ensures a gain of electricity (wash at 50 ° maximum for all linen, even white).

What tips conso?

  • Opt for a off-peak contract, with a reduced rate during this niche. Again, the contract is more expensive but it's worth it.
  • Rotate your machine only when the drum is full.
  • Wash your clothes cold if it is not too dirty. A cycle at 20 ° C consumes half as much energy as at 40 ° C and, in addition, you protect the fibers and colors of your clothes.

Maryse Damiens

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