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Wash baby's hair: how to do it?

Wash baby's hair: how to do it?

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At the very beginning, you are not very comfortable. Later, it's him ... feeling the water running down his head. A shampoo, "extra soft" in the gestures, should overcome your reluctance to both. Two techniques depending on his age and some good advice for everything going well.


You are not yet very comfortable and your baby is little hairy? Prefer this method ultrasimple the first months.

1. On the changing table

  • Soap your baby's head, then the rest of his body with a little liquid baby soap.
  • Wash your skull gently with your palm in a quick, sweeping gesture.
  • You will have previously prepared the bath water which should be at a good temperature (36 to 37 ° C).

2. With water

  • Take your toddler by passing your left hand under his left shoulder, his neck resting on your wrist.
  • Pass your right hand between her legs under her buttocks and gently dip it into the bath water starting with the feet.

3. Custom rinsing

  • Your left arm still supporting his shoulder and neck, disengage your right hand and put it in a cup to retain a little water.
  • Pour slowly on her skull.
  • Pass the palm of your wet hand several times, avoiding the forehead. Baby wash products are very soft, so they do not require a lot of rinsing.


It's a big one now, so big that it does not fit in its little bathtub anymore! It's time to play in the big bath (get a non-slip mat) and know the real shampoo.

  • Place your baby in the bathtub (filled with about 10 cm of water), your left hand under his left shoulder, your right hand under his buttocks and thighs to lift him up and slide him into the bathtub.
  • Release your right hand to wet her hair, sliding thin threads of water from her palm into her palm.
  • With this same hand, grab the bottle of shampoo (previously uncorked).
  • Move your left hand slightly and pour in a small amount of shampoo. Rest the bottle of shampoo.
  • Take some of this shampoo with your right hand and gently rub the scalp of your baby.
  • Rinse your hair with bath water, possibly using a sponge or washcloth that is almost completely wrung out so that the water does not run into your toddler's eyes.

Drying and styling

  • Wrap your baby in a bath towel or bathrobe and dry the hair first. Rub very gently.
  • Use a small silk brush to style it.

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