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The visit of 18 months

The visit of 18 months

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Although it is called "visit of the 18 months", it is realized between 16 and 24 months. This visit to the doctor is ideal for checking the growth of your child and to solve any problems of sleep and education.

  • Walk, talk ... Your baby is moving at full speed. This 2-year visit is an important appointment for you and your baby who is in a period of great learning. During the consultation, the doctor will, of course, take stock of his health, but also evaluate his psychomotor and psycho-emotional development.

A review towards 2 years: to see if your baby is cap 'or not cap'

To evaluate the development of your toddler, the pediatrician or the GP uses a series of tests, almost games, but with serious results!

  • Is he able to stack cubes? This is often the first test done. Added to that are the grip (he puts a pearl in a bottle?), Address (can he shoot in a balloon?) And ingenuity (will he get the pearl at the bottom of the bottle? ).
  • How is he moving? The doctor observes if your child is walking and how.
  • Does he speak ? At this age, a child pronounces about ten words, sometimes more. Each person at his own pace ! The amount of vocabulary is not directly related to intellectual abilities. Restricted language will encourage the doctor to look for a hearing loss and highlight his prelanging: pointing finger, understanding a simple order.
  • Is he seeing? Is he able to distinguish a plane in the sky, the cat at the bottom of the garden? It is you who will give this information, valuable for the doctor during this visit of 18 months.
  • Is he pushing well? The doctor will also look at your child's weight, height and growth. Added to this is the calculation of the Body Mass Index (BMI). By dividing the weight by the size squared, one gets a good idea of ​​its "corpulence". The figure obtained is plotted on a curve of his health record.
  • Know that at 18 months a little boy weighs 11 kg and measures 81 cm. Uno little girl, she weighs 10.5 kg and measures 79 cm. It's an average, of course!

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