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The visit of 9 months, what is it for?

The visit of 9 months, what is it for?

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Mandatory, the visit of the 9th month is more than just a health check. Realized at an important moment in the growth of your baby, it also serves to take stock of his diet, his sleep, his development and his many progress.

This health check is part of mandatory medical visits, reimbursed 100% by social security. It is practiced when your child is between 8 and 10 months old.

After the usual questions about your childbirth, your toddler's mode of care, diet, sleep and personal and family history, the doctor, pediatrician or generalist, conducts the actual exam, which takes place in two times :

9 months visit: psychomotor and neurosensory side

  • Your baby is sitting on your lap, he is dressed. The doctor checks his grip, his vision and the quality of his eyes. He also practices a tis auditing screeningf.
  • Then he assess the stage of development of your toddler. Is he sitting well, steady? does he turn around? does he respond to the call of his first name? Does he pronounce some syllables? etc.
  • The doctor also appreciates the skill of your child, by examining his ability to manipulate objects. Finally, he evaluates his neurological state, especially his "equilibrium reactions", his tone and his reflexes.

9 months visit: medical side

  • The doctor undresses your child for measure its size as well as its head circumference and weigh it.
  • He examines his heart and lungs, palpates his stomach, kidneys and genitals, examines his teeth, his throat, his ears ...
  • Once these basic checks are carried out, it controls the state of vaccinations.

Tips +

• This exam is essential to detect any problem in your child and take care of it as soon as possible. Do not neglect it and do not forget to ask the doctor to fill out the medical certificate (to be sent back to the Caf).

• Take advantage of this consultation to address all the issues that concern you. It is the right time.

Safia Amor with Nathalie Colomb-Polo, pediatrician