Layette: our models spring-summer 2016

Layette: our models spring-summer 2016

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Cardigan, sailor, sweater, vest, little shorts, slippers ... make the knitwear or crochet baby wardrobe for sunny days. It's easy with our explanations, so it's up to you!

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Layette: our models spring-summer 2016 (7 photos)

Braid little piaf

With its beautiful bird, this little bra from birth to 12 months is to realize with a blue bird and short sleeves for girls or with a yellow bird and long sleeves for boys.

See explanations of the bra

Short sailor

Too much cabbage with buttons on the front, a shorts model for the beautiful days of your knitting board from birth to 12 months.

See explanations of shorts

Coral vest

A beautiful short-sleeved vest ultra-easy to make for baby. It will keep him warm at night while leaving him free of his movements.

See the explanations of the vest

Striped sailor with short sleeves

With its fine stripes, short sleeves and a rectangular neckline for a sailor style, this pretty sweater will accompany baby on sunny days.

See explanations of the marinière

Blue shorts

With its small buttons at the bottom of the legs, these easy knitting shorts will complete the outfit of your sailor.

See explanations of shorts

Cute crocheted heart cardigan

With its heart pockets and simple and elegant shape, this crochet cardigan will delight your heart of love.

See the explanations of the cardigan

Small crochet slippers

Slippers with small bridles to accompany baby on sunny days. Crocheted, they are adorned with a fine red border for a touch of vitamins.

See explanations of the slippers


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