Name Guilhem - Meaning and origin

Name Guilhem - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Guillaume's archaic form, the name Guilhem comes from the Germanic terms "wil and helm" meaning respectively "will and helmet".


Guilhem-Claude Foret is a journalist, presenter of French radio and television.
Guilhem Guirado is a French international rugby player playing hooker at RC Toulon.
Guillem d'Efak was a singer and author of Catalan origin.
Guilhem Pellegrin is a French comedian and director.
Guilhem Meric, whose real name is Guilhem Routier, is a French novelist and screenwriter.
St. William became famous for his piety and Christian faith. He gave up his career and his fortune to devote himself to the monastic life. He became a Cistercian monk of Pontigny after having retired to the abbey of Grandmont. He was called to take the office of bishop at Bourges in 1200.

His character :

Guilhem is a being with a strong self-control. He is never overwhelmed by his feelings, although he is very emotional. He always demonstrates rationality and objectivity in his decision-making. Persevering and dynamic, Guilhem manifests incredible effectiveness in everything he undertakes. He has an optimism that gives him the respect of those around him.
Elusive at first glance, Guilhem is nevertheless an extremely sociable and pleasant person. Bursting with energy, he hates monotony and has a constant need to be active. Enthusiastic and epicurean, he is distinguished by his love of life and his sense of humor. It may, however, seem enigmatic and indifferent to foreigners.


Guillaume, Guillem, Guilem and Guylhem.

His party :

The Guilhem are honored on January 10.

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