Gwendolyne pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Gwendolyne pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

Gwendolyne is a derivative of the Celtic name Gwendolen. The latter is composed of the terms "gwen" and "dolen" which respectively mean "sacred" and "ring". It can therefore be translated as "sacred ring" or more poetically "white moon".


German actresses Gwendolyn von Ambesser, French Gwendoline Hamon and American Gwendoline Yeo, American poet Gwendolyn Brooks, British athlete Gwendoline Porter, British tennis player Gwendoline Eastlake-Smith.

Gwen or Gwendoline was a Christian saint of the fifth century. She was the wife of Saint Fragan. She was nicknamed in Breton Teir Bronn which means "with three holy breasts". Indeed, she alone brought three saints: Guethenoc, Jacut and Guénolé. In addition to these boys, she gave birth to a girl who will be too, but much later, a saint of the church.

His character :

Gwendolyne is a sensitive person. Creative in nature, she loves art and original people. She is generous with those around her. Despite this, it is modest, reserved and will only be revealed with time. She often takes refuge in her head and her dreams when reality becomes too hard to bear. Gwendolyne dreams of adventures and travels. For her, there is nothing more important than freedom and independence.


Gwendoline, Gwen, Gwenn, Gwendolen

His party :

The Gwendolyne are celebrated on October 18 or February 21.

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