Hafeda Meaning - Origin and Names

Hafeda Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

Hafeda or Hafida is a girl's name meaning "protect" or "protection" in Urdu.


Hafida Chader is a famous dance teacher based in France and evolving in the world of belly dancing, salsa, Bollywood or rock.

His character :

Direct and frank, friendly and curious, Hafeda is one of those communicative people, lively and charming. A fervent supporter of her freedom and independence, she is passionate about everything she touches, and has the gift of reinventing herself and renewing herself through her interests. Great imaginative, she needs her secret garden to relax.


Fida, Fidaa, Hafida, Mufida, Mufida, Mufidah, Rafida, Rafidah

His party :

No holiday listed for this name in France.

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