Haroun Meaning and Meaning

Haroun Meaning and Meaning

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Haroun may be considered a derivative of the first name "Aaron". From Hebrew "aharon", it means "the one who comes after".


French geologist and volcanologist Haroun Tazieff, Algerian militant for the cause of Berbers Haroun Mohamed, Malian lieutenant-colonel Haroune Ag Said (Tuareg rebel leader), the fifth Abbasid caliph Hârûn al-Rachîd ben Muhammad ben al-Mansûr ...

His character :

In appearance, Haroun seems to be indifferent as to the events that occur around him ... But, it is, deep down, an ultra-sensitive being who prefers to fall back on himself so as not to be subjected to external aggression. His introverted personality and lack of self-confidence sometimes prove to be a hindrance to the realization of his projects. He needs to be supported and boosted by his entourage.
Of a calm nature, Haroun integrates with difficulty into a group. It needs a minimum of time to adapt. The past cape, it is a little more communicative. He is a person of his word and very respectful of others, great assets!


Harouna, Aroun, Haroune, Arouna.

His party :

Haroun is celebrated on July 1st.

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