Name Hedvige - Meaning of thumbs

Name Hedvige - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

Hedvige is a feminine given name of Germanic origin.

Hedvige means "wealth" or "fight" in the Germanic languages.


Not yet known Hedvige, your princess will change the deal?

His character :

Characterized by a touch of emotion, Hedvige is sensitive and emotional. She needs to please, but also likes to please. So she shows herself charming with others. Her sociability is reinforced by her extraversion. When she appreciates her interlocutor, Hedvige is communicative and helpful. Intelligent and indecisive, Hedvige is curious about everything and is also able to understand everything, as long as she is motivated. Hedvige also attaches considerable importance to the comfort of its cozy nest. Family harmony plays a major role in personal growth. It is enough for a conflict or turbulence to break out so that it is disturbed. However, when the family atmosphere is good, Hedvige will be boosted and in top form. Here she is dapper, revealing a steel morale and an infallible will. For all these reasons, maintaining peace and love in the home is essential.


Edwige, Edwig and Hedwig are all variants of Edvige.

His party :

The Hedvige are celebrated every October 16th.

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