The language bath

The language bath

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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "Les Essentiels d ': 38 keys to boost his language", sold with the December issue of. Today, zoom in on your baby.

  • To learn to speak, your talkative learner must be immersed in his native language. Talking to your baby about everything, with attention and consideration, helps them to build, identify and sort too!
  • Your little genius born with the ability to produce phonemes, sounds from around the world. Recordings have shown that before 3 months, it was impossible to distinguish sound productions from a Chinese, Swedish or French baby. A range whose diversity far exceeds the sounds it hears. Welcome to the Tower of Babel!
  • If he is certainly full of talent, this polyglot who ignores himself is much more interested in the discovery, the palpation of his oral cavity than in his sound production. But when you listen to these same babies at 8 months, the intonation and the value of the sounds are already very marked by their nationality. Learning is also unlearning. Your baby quickly understands that while having many skills, he will go faster in his acquisitions by focusing primarily on what is useful to him.

Language baths too!

  • This is not a reason to favor one language over another, if your little one is lucky enough to be born in a bilingual or multilingual environment. Far from being confused, your baby will gradually be able to address you in Swedish and meet his father in French, without this posing any problem. Children can easily acquire several languages, provided that they are mother tongues or paternal languages ​​of the heart in which they bathe daily ... To teach a child who does not evolve in a bilingual environment a foreign language suddenly of educational programs does not work.

Frédérique Odasso

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