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The bottle of the evening, until when?

The bottle of the evening, until when?

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"How long does it take to give an evening bottle?" Our specialist, Professor Patrick Tounian, Head of Nutrition and Gastroenterology in Paris, answers Elisa's question.

The answer of Pr Patrick Tounian, Trousseau Hospital (Paris) *

  • In the first year, milk is the mainstay of infant feeding. At 1 year, the child must drink 500 ml daily, divided into several bottles.
  • Maintaining the bottle in the evening, to meet the daily nutritional needs of the baby that food diversification does not yet fill is not at all a problem! The rations of milk can be given in the morning, at the snack and can also why not constitute the meal of the evening, in a bottle with spoons of vegetables or fruits mixed.
  • The child can continue to take a bottle of milk at night, as long as he takes it away from bedtime and does not go to sleep with it to avoid cavities. By taking it well before going to bed, the child will have time to swallow and act on the saliva, which will prevent the milk from remaining in contact with the teeth.

* Author of Answers to all the questions you have about your child's diet (Odile Jacob)

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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