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The right equipment to go skiing

The right equipment to go skiing

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This year, your child will enjoy the mountain and the joys of winter sports? Clean air, physical activity ... All this is excellent for your little mountain man! To make your stay a real success, do not forget to take certain necessary precautions.

Caution with your skin in the mountains

  • The epidermis of children is fragile. No question of underestimating the intensity of the sun's rays, on the pretext that it is cold or foggy!
  • In the mountains, even in cloudy weather, the sun emits invisible rays, the ultraviolet rays(UV), much more harmful than brightness. These rays spread through clouds and reflect on any surface with more or less intensity: water reflects 5 to 10% of UV, and snow 85%! In addition, at altitude, the amount of UV increases by 10% every 1000 meters.
  • This avalanche of UV attacks the thin skin of children, can cause sunburns, burns, but also cause skin cancer a few years later. All studies have shown that sunburn in childhood is one of the risk factors for cancer of the superficial layer of the epidermis, carcinoma.
  • The best protection is the sunscreen suitable for children (strong index, minimum 40). However, it is useless to spread it every hour, as at sea ... unless he burrows his face in the powder! Once a half day is enough. The face must be covered to the maximum: ski mask, scarf or scarf recommended. Do not try to bring back your tanned child. In any case, he looks good!

Cold: pay attention to his ears!

  • Does your child have repeated ear infections or nasopharyngitis, as soon as winter comes out? The first thing to do is to consult the doctor or pediatrician before leaving to check the condition of his eardrums. If the Eustachian tube is obstructed, it can provide antibiotic treatment.
  • On the road, during the climb, help him to swallow. He can bite an apple, nibble a biscuit or drink a little water. The bottom line is that it swallows saliva to release air into the eardrum.

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