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Calcium is essential!

Calcium is essential!

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Essential element in the constitution of the skeleton, the calcium must be brought daily in the feeding of your baby. The explanations of Professor Jean-François Duhamel, pediatrician.

What is the role of calcium?

  • Calcium is a mineral element essential for skeletal development and to the good consolidation of the bones. Twenty years are needed to build up a sufficient calcium stock, about 1,000 g. Beyond the age of 20, capital is simply maintained without being able to be improved. A good reason to put this mineral in the honor of all meals from the earliest childhood!
  • Especially since its beneficial effects do not stop there : Several studies suggest that its use would promote better weight control, help prevent tooth decay and control blood pressure.

What are the recommended inputs?

  • The body does not know how to make calcium. It must therefore be brought by the diet. To be properly absorbed by the intestines of a toddler, then fixed on the bones, dietary calcium requires the assistance of vitamin D. This is the reason why the duo is routinely administered from birth.
  • When the baby is breastfed, his mom's milk covers most of his calcium needs. A few drops of vitamin D are added daily, at the rate of 800 international units per day.
  • If he is bottle-fed and, although artificial formula is enriched in vitamin D, the same supplement should be given to the teaspoon or during the morning feeding. Beyond 1 year, the latest ANSES recommendations (National Agency for Sanitary Safety, Food, Work) stipulate that a child must receive 500 mg per day of calcium up to 3 years and 800 mg of 4 to 9 years.
  • From 12 months, your baby will be able to drink a growth milk, whose first quality is to be rich in calcium and enriched with essential fatty acids and iron. Remember that cow's milk is too rich in protein and saturated fatty acids.

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