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The walking trolley: instructions for use

The walking trolley: instructions for use

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Baby has fun pushing it, filling it, emptying it. He walks from room to room and simultaneously learns to control his movements: thanks to his handlebars, the walking trolley is a toy of motor skills that allows him to play explorers.

Its advantages

  • The baby carriage is ideal for helping your child to improve his motor skills because it offers him a stability that is not yet fully acquired when he walks. When a baby learns to walk, it goes through a step in which it seeks balance, this is the case to go from sitting to standing. He can then cling to furniture that helps him to get on his two little legs: the trolley offers him a precious help.
  • It is also helpful for your baby to learn how to steer, forward, of course, but also backwards. Your child will also appreciate changing direction, right and left, and taking turns. Finally, know that there are many types of trolleys: with brake, with cubes, multi-activities, with toy box.

At what age ?

  • The trolley is a fun accessory that falls into the category "First Age". To have fun playing with it, your baby must have started to learn walking. This is the last stage of the development of his motor skills. The first steps in children generally occur between 10 and 18 months, but each baby also follows his own pace of development. While some people enjoy moving on all fours beyond their first candle, others prefer learning language before walking.

Tips for choosing it

  • Walking trolleys are usually made of wood. They resist more easily than plastic ones, but are also heavier and therefore sometimes less manageable. Some have pretty wicker baskets. Others have a modern and colorful look.
  • If your baby's steps are still uninsured, choose a trolley with brake. Once tightened, the brake provides stability to the cart, so your baby can grip it without risk of falling.
  • A trolley with cubes positioned at the front is also heavier and more stable.
  • Trolleys with play games or trolleys equipped with a kitchen or workbench allow your child to progress while having fun. They are perfect for children who are used to moving. They prefigure imitation games. So, your baby does "like mom" or "like daddy" and can play the meal, repair tools, become familiar with an abacus. The toy trolley also has an undeniable advantage: if you are used to traveling or making frequent visits to friends or family, you can use it to carry toys and soft toys from your baby.

Council +

Warning ! Watch your child: he must always use it on a flat, horizontal, ground-level (ground floor), without steps, stairs or unevenness. Move away fragile objects, "Fangio" is around! Obviously, nothing replaces your vigilance. Never leave your child unattended.


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