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Parental leave, good idea?

Parental leave, good idea?

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Give yourself a break to take care of your child ... it's tempting and today possible for both parents. However, before making any decision, it is essential to take stock to balance what matters so much and what matters less.

Parental leave: a decision to make as a couple

  • It is essential that your spouse be involved in this reflection. Because if you take a total parental leave to stay at home, the life of each of you will be changed. Everyone may gain in relaxation, but some parameters, materials, must be taken into account.
  • On the financial side, a source of income instead of two changes the game! Not only is the family budget reduced, which implies a different way of life, but it can also lead to a feeling of dependence, an obligation of accountability.

Parental leave: what is waiting for you

Stopping work and staying at home includes pitfalls, better knowing it:

  • Being a priori more available, over time you may be required to take on all the roles, and not necessarily the nicest ones (administrative procedures, making appointments ...). Before making your decision, think carefully about each person's roles and responsibilities so that no one feels that they are losing.
  • Taking a professional break to take care of your children does not mean doing just that! Do not forget to keep time for yourself. Also keep links with your colleagues (and your hierarchy), the return to pro life will be facilitated.

Enjoy the experience of others

To further your thinking, the experience of other parents who took parental leave will be invaluable.

  • Friends, colleagues, acquaintances ... you will find testimonials, especially if you are a woman because many French women can express themselves. For fathers, it's still new. If this work stoppage does not put a brake on the possible positive developments of his career, why deprive himself?
  • The ideal situation? Work in a company that ensures, as provided by law, to find his job or, failing that, a job similar to the same salary conditions. It should be noted that not all employers play the game and sometimes offer to return from parental leave positions in areas not suited to family life, forcing women to resign.

Parental leave: take stock before you start

  • A breath of fresh air for the whole family, a real relaxation with the children, the happiness of savoring their very first time ... the benefits of parental leave are obvious to all who have experienced it.
  • For children too, parental leave is a good thing. However, we must know that whatever we do, children are never filled with maternal presence and ... they also need a lack to build.
  • The chosen option will only be worth one time: the children grow up, the couple changes, the professional aspirations evolve. The real fragility facing a society that weakens families (unemployment, divorce ...) is to know how to guarantee a certain independence. It is therefore essential to make an informed choice and to ensure that a turnaround is always possible.


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