Bat disguise

Bat disguise

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That's enough to terrify everyone! A bat disguise for Halloween, it will please your terror? Follow our explanations quickly and together, make a suit that will spoil the fear to friends.


  • 140 x 70 cm black fabric (velvet or other)
  • A black headband
  • Black cardboard
  • Black feathers
  • A black leggings
  • A black T-shirt
  • Glue
  • Gray and black makeup


1. Cut out a wing shape in the black fabric. Sew them on the back of the t-shirt.

2. In the black card, cut out two pointed ears. Stick the feathers on and stick the ears on the headband.

3. Stick other feathers on the headband and have your child put on his disguise. You just have to wear makeup ... in gray and black, of course! Creepy…


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