The cake Soy Luna

The cake Soy Luna

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You have small fans of the TV series at home? Amaze them with this cake design recipe, with the famous roller skate of course, presented by Anne-Sophie, Best Pastry Chef M6.

For this recipe, you need:

  • 1 cake
  • 1 kg of pale blue sugar paste
  • 250 g light pink sugar paste
  • 125 g yellow sugar paste
  • 25 g black sugar paste
  • 25 g white sugar paste
  • 25 g of gray sugar paste
  • 1 jar of food glue
  • 1 pot of silver edible powder
  • 1 jar of flashy pink food coloring
  • 5 drops of white alcohol vodka or gin

Production :

Spread the pale blue sugar on a surface sprinkled with a mixture of icing sugar and cornflour to prevent sticking. Cover the cake with sugar paste, smoothing the edges well. Cut out the excess sugar paste using a thin spatula or knife.

Spread a bunch of yellow sugar dough and cut out a strip of 3-4cm high and 24cm long. Arrange it around the base of the cake with a little food glue. Cut out a smaller second band and form a sugar paste knot. Stick it at the junction of the ribbon.

Using a template, cut the shoe from the pad and tongue in pink sugar paste, the platform in black sugar paste, the wheels (with round cookie cutters or caps of different sizes) in yellow and pink, the wheel screws in gray, the brake and laces in pale blue and a wing in white.

Use a small round ejector cookie cutter to cut the laces eyelets into yellow sugar dough and cut them in half.

Arrange the different elements of the skate on the cake and fix them with a little glue. Add 2 thin rolls of white sugar paste and stick them in wave at the top of the shoe.

Dilute the silver powder with a drop of white alcohol and paint the screws of the silver wheels with a brush. Then dilute a dash of pink fuchsia dye with a drop of white alcohol and paint the heel of the shoe and patterns a little tabby on the shoe to get a nice skate Soy Luna.

Your cake is ready to be admired and tasted. Keep it in a cool place away from moisture until serving.

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