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Breastmilk, it's starter, main course and dessert

Breastmilk, it's starter, main course and dessert

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Recommended by the health authorities, breast milk is the food that is naturally best suited to the needs of your infant. Rich in antibodies, it protects against infections and possible allergies. The opportunity to learn more about this precious beverage.

First colostrum

  • Milk ? Not really the first five days of life, but colostrum, a thick yellow liquid, rich in oligosaccharide - a rare sugar - in protective antibodies, and low in lactose and lipids. It is nourishing and very digestible. Its laxative properties favor the elimination of the first stool, meconium. A great asset for getting started in your toddler's life. A nutrient with such inimitable properties that some doctors recommend, the first day, to suck it by the infant even if his mother does not wish to breastfeed.
  • Gradually, the process of lactation starts, stimulated by suckling and sucking. Colostrum is enriched with lipids and lactose. It gives way to a milk of transition, then transforms, after about ten days, into a so-called "mature" milk. Your baby will find everything he needs: carbohydrates and lactose, at the start of feeding, then lipids and proteins. Starter, main course and dessert ! Not to mention minerals, vitamins and trace elements!

Your milk: not always the same taste

  • Did you know ? Breast milk changes during feeding and does not have the same taste and consistency from one end to the other. The flavor depends on what you have swallowed yourself. It is said that cauliflower is not the favorite dish for infants when they are found in their mother's milk. Already!
  • Finally, the composition of your milk evolves over the weeks to adapt to the needs of your little one. One of the main questions for breastfeeding moms is whether their baby has taken enough breast milk. As long as he is gaining weight, you just have to trust yourself, give breast on demand, especially at the beginning and whenever he seems insatiable for a few days. Evidence that his appetite is changing and that he needs to drink more. Nature does the rest, your milk is getting richer and your baby is growing.

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