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The carousel, he loves!

The carousel, he loves!

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Whether wooden, flashy, on the market square or in the heart of a shopping center, the carousel, no parent cuts! The opportunity to watch, both moved and proud, his child appear and disappear. While he is learning a journey in the dream.

The carousel, nice turn!

  • You like to be rocked by the gentle rocking chair swing. Well, for your child, it's the same. The carousel, like other games of vertigo (swing, tourniquet ...), excites his inner ear and causes pleasant sensations of dizziness.
  • This impression of "spinning head" is what he likes. Music, obsolete or ultrabranched, participates in the idea of ​​the whirlwind while offering a reference in time: when the music stops, everyone goes down!

A freedom under surveillance

  • Pilot of a plane or rider of a prancing mount, your child feels almighty. He is alone in maneuvering the "machine", but under your watchful eyes and (often) smug. Your presence is also important ... and in the same place please!
  • No question, indeed, to move an iota for, even from the corner of your eye, your child is watching you from his merry-go-round. He checks that you are there while taking a few distances. We're separating, but not too much.

Three turns and that's all ... stop your ride!

  • With the ride, your child experiences the limits. And you that of the first anger. Stay firm, so that he understands that it is not always "everything, right now", but that saying "no" now does not mean that we will not come back to it later or tomorrow. To see again and again this light in the bottom of his eyes ... For, do not forget that one day, he will tell you: "The carousel is for babies!"

Safia Amor with Agnès Lévine, educational psychologist.