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Contact Lenses: The little ones too!

Contact Lenses: The little ones too!

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Equipping a child early with contact lenses would help rehabilitate some vision disorders. Explanations of Dr. Sylvie Berthemy, ophthalmologist and expert in pediatric contact.

Are there special lenses for children?

  • Yes, these are the same lenses as those for adults, knowing that they are all made to measure. They are always rigid lenses ultra-permeable to oxygen. Soft lenses are never fitted to a child under 6 years old.

Are contact lenses a good way to correct children?

  • They promote rehabilitation in children of 2-3 years, especially in case of myopia, ambyopia (lazy eye), anisometropia (eyes with different corrections), ... They are very effective in babies, operated for a congenital cataract. They can be equipped, 15 days after the intervention, from 6 weeks of life.

How is the adaptation?

  • The earlier a child is adapted, the more the lens is supported. In general, reluctance is more often psychological than anatomical. But children understand very quickly that it is an advantage for them because the rigid lens gives them an incomparable quality of vision.

Why equip children and babies with lenses?

  • In addition to their healing properties, lenses have certain advantages. They can be worn continuously day and night. When you wake up, the child sees clearly as soon as he opens his eyes. They limit the manipulations, which are mainly performed by parents up to 6 years. This limits the risks in terms of hygiene and is quite practical in case of alternating custody and during the school holidays.

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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